New York, NY

I’m now back in the Queen City after a great weekend celebrating the boyfriend’s birthday. We flew up to New Jersey on Friday and stayed at my mom’s house with my two youngest sisters. My family even purchased a little birthday gift – a large “I Love New York” apple ornament to commemorate the weekend. So excited to display it on our tree! We had a great time with my family – played a few games, enjoyed a great dinner, and started off the birthday celebration with some pumpkin roll and red velvet cheesecake!

image (1)

Saturday morning we headed to the city and started with lunch at a local burger place. While I love visiting NYC, I am quite appreciative of Charlotte’s cost of living (ha!). We had purchased matinee tickets to see Chicago on Broadway before our trip and spent the afternoon at the¬†theater!

image (2)

The show was fantastic! And much to our surprise, Billy Ray Cyrus played the lead of Billy Flynn. We searched for Miley, but she was nowhere to be found. After the show, we walked over to Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center where we ran into these holiday favorites:

image (3)

image (4)

We then braved the crowd for a photo in front of the Christmas tree. Cheese! This year’s tree was from a two towns over from my hometown. Exciting!

image (5)

We then headed to Saks Fifth Avenue to check out the beautifully decorated window displays and to do a little shopping before having dinner with one of my greatest friends from college, JB. She had booked us a reservation at Cafe Select, a fondue restaurant in Soho (so trendy!) and we enjoyed a bottle of wine and some tasty fondue among the three of us. I was so glad to have one of the best people in my life finally meet Handsome. So happy we got to spend time with you, JB! Xoxo.

image (7)

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Sunday started off rainy, so we opted to ditch our original plan to go ice skating in Central Park and instead spent the day at the Met seeing a few exhibits. We both enjoyed the large Monet collection the best.

image (9)

Our final stop before saying goodbye to the Big Apple was the New York City Public Library, which is actually one of my favorite spots. I could sit there all day and just admire the silence that you can find in a city that never sleeps. We were sad to leave such a great weekend behind, but we’ll be heading back to NYC in January with the boyfriend’s family for another jam packed weekend.

Since today is the boyfriend’s official birthday, we will be continuing the festivities with a home cooked dinner and treats at a local dessert bar. Happy birthday to you, Handsome! Looking forward to many more days to celebrate with you. I love you : )


NYC Weekend

This morning Handsome and I are headed to NYC for the weekend to celebrate his birthday. This is my favorite time to visit NYC since it’s decorated for the holidays. I haven’t been during this time of the year since before college, so I thought it’d be a great (and slightly romantic) trip to take with the boyfriend to celebrate his big day! We’re planning to see Chicago on Broadway and enjoy everything that is New York, NY.

Weekend recap to come, but here’s a quick look at our evening last night at the annual Second String Santa charity event. Pink lipstick made an appearance!


Red Lipstick Kiss

Last year I got into a red lipstick kick around the holidays and sported it at a few events. My only reason for not keeping up with it is due to the real dressiness it conveys and the minor (but major) fact that you have people staring at your lips. But I think I do need to ‘live a little’ and just give my kisser a little color. Plus, it serves as a great accessory – keeping everything else fairly neutral.

Tonight, my boyfriend (Handsome), some friends, and I are headed to Second String Santa, an annual charity event in Charlotte that benefits The Salvation Army through delivering thousands of gifts to needy children. Since the event dress code is that of a cocktail party, I’m thinking a red or pink lip will be making an appearance. See if I stuck to it tomorrow!

Jet Setting


Today I’m headed to Miami for my second business trip in a week. Last Friday, I took the company’s private jet (yes, you heard that right) down to Atlanta for a themed blogger event to help promote a newly launched product. Today I am yet again on the private jet heading to another blogger event to tap into a different audience during the holiday season.


First and foremost, I must say that flying on the corporate jet was nothing short of what was expected. I had more snacks than I knew what to do with and didn’t have to rush my way through a security line. If I could fly private for the rest of my life, I would choose it in a heartbeat (though I’d like to leave the bill to someone else).

The event in Atlanta put me into the real-time use of social media, an imperative piece to its success in my opinion. The entire day was one of the high points of my career thus far and made me really appreciate the social space and the opportunities I’ve had. As I look forward with where I hope my career will take me, I’m only looking for those things that will make me shine in the end. I’ve never been one to waste time on things that wouldn’t propel me further. I have a 110% attitude – I’m all or nothing with many things in my life.

The road hasn’t always been smooth, and I’ve certainly had moments where my computer almost found itself smashed to pieces. The takeaway here is that there are always going to be trivial days and cloud nine days. Cherish both. Trivial days have something to teach you and cloud nine days have something to celebrate. Always keep moving forward with finding what is going to make you shine in the end. So, be picky, try new avenues, find what makes you excited, and just give it 110%. You won’t get anywhere without it.

Lust List

Lust List #1

I plan to do a frequent feature where I share what I’m lusting after. I have an EXTREME case of buyer’s remorse, so many of these items might will not make their way into my possession, but it’s always good to have a few things on the list as ‘rewards’ for working hard.

The first item on my lust list is a pair of the Frye Melissa Button Boots. I’ve been searching for new boots to carry me a few cold seasons. Knowing the great quality of Frye boots, I finally tried on a few styles for size, fell in love with the Melissa Button, and put them on my Christmas list. Guess what will be waiting for me under the tree? : )

I’ve been in the market for a quilted vest for a while. I have a heavier puffy one, but a thinner one is more everyday and less bulky on my petite frame. J. Crew has them currently and this herringbone pattern immediately caught my eye. They also have the same style in navy, which would complement much of my wardrobe.

I’ve been a Burberry Brit perfume girl for as long as I can remember. While I will always consider it my signature scent, I’m in the market for something new. Every time I find myself near the fragrance counter in a department store, I am immediately drawn to Coach Poppy and have finally decided it’s my next scent.

The Seychelles Stick Your Neck Out black booties are already in my closet, so I guess they aren’t really a lust item, but they’re so cute I just had to share them with you. Stay tuned for more lust list features!

A Toast


And so it begins! As a social media butterfly and inspiring editorial writer, I finally decided it was about time to jump on the serious blogging bandwagon to widen my writing experience and to use this creative outlet as my own ‘portfolio’ of its kind. I’ve tread the waters of blogging in the past, but never really found my niche. I first started with a photography blog, moved on to the Tumblr platform with content blogging and the re-blogging craze, which has since become more of a ‘favorite things’ endeavor, and now here I am.

So, why Morning Bubbly you may ask? I am a morning coffee addict through and through. It’s my necessity in the morning, not really even for the caffeine, but for its comfort. Most people rely on it to start their day, giving it almost a negative connotation. You’ve heard it:

“Monday morning, need coffee.”

“I’m so tired. I will never make it through this day without my own personal barista.”

By no means am I knocking the morning nectar, but simply stating that it sometimes wears a pessimistic hat. And pessimism doesn’t look good on anyone.

I’m also a champagne lover. As we know, champagne usually symbolizes celebration or an occasion. Lately, I’ve been reminded that we should treat every day like it’s a special occasion. Who says we can’t have champagne in the morning?! Morning Bubbly is the idea of starting each day like its an occasion. I’m pretty sure many would agree that the day may turn out just a bit brighter than we’d usually expect if we popped a cork, filled a pretty flute, and toasted to the day’s adventures.

That being said, this blog is designed to inspire, to explore, and to share. There will be coffee, let’s be honest. And there will be undoubtedly be champagne.