A Toast


And so it begins! As a social media butterfly and inspiring editorial writer, I finally decided it was about time to jump on the serious blogging bandwagon to widen my writing experience and to use this creative outlet as my own ‘portfolio’ of its kind. I’ve tread the waters of blogging in the past, but never really found my niche. I first started with a photography blog, moved on to the Tumblr platform with content blogging and the re-blogging craze, which has since become more of a ‘favorite things’ endeavor, and now here I am.

So, why Morning Bubbly you may ask? I am a morning coffee addict through and through. It’s my necessity in the morning, not really even for the caffeine, but for its comfort. Most people rely on it to start their day, giving it almost a negative connotation. You’ve heard it:

“Monday morning, need coffee.”

“I’m so tired. I will never make it through this day without my own personal barista.”

By no means am I knocking the morning nectar, but simply stating that it sometimes wears a pessimistic hat. And pessimism doesn’t look good on anyone.

I’m also a champagne lover. As we know, champagne usually symbolizes celebration or an occasion. Lately, I’ve been reminded that we should treat every day like it’s a special occasion. Who says we can’t have champagne in the morning?! Morning Bubbly is the idea of starting each day like its an occasion. I’m pretty sure many would agree that the day may turn out just a bit brighter than we’d usually expect if we popped a cork, filled a pretty flute, and toasted to the day’s adventures.

That being said, this blog is designed to inspire, to explore, and to share. There will be coffee, let’s be honest. And there will be undoubtedly be champagne.


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