Jet Setting


Today I’m headed to Miami for my second business trip in a week. Last Friday, I took the company’s private jet (yes, you heard that right) down to Atlanta for a themed blogger event to help promote a newly launched product. Today I am yet again on the private jet heading to another blogger event to tap into a different audience during the holiday season.


First and foremost, I must say that flying on the corporate jet was nothing short of what was expected. I had more snacks than I knew what to do with and didn’t have to rush my way through a security line. If I could fly private for the rest of my life, I would choose it in a heartbeat (though I’d like to leave the bill to someone else).

The event in Atlanta put me into the real-time use of social media, an imperative piece to its success in my opinion. The entire day was one of the high points of my career thus far and made me really appreciate the social space and the opportunities I’ve had. As I look forward with where I hope my career will take me, I’m only looking for those things that will make me shine in the end. I’ve never been one to waste time on things that wouldn’t propel me further. I have a 110% attitude – I’m all or nothing with many things in my life.

The road hasn’t always been smooth, and I’ve certainly had moments where my computer almost found itself smashed to pieces. The takeaway here is that there are always going to be trivial days and cloud nine days. Cherish both. Trivial days have something to teach you and cloud nine days have something to celebrate. Always keep moving forward with finding what is going to make you shine in the end. So, be picky, try new avenues, find what makes you excited, and just give it 110%. You won’t get anywhere without it.


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