Heart Day


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Valentine’s Day is one of those days in the year that very much coincides with the title and theme of this blog. It’s that one day every year where everyone turns into a love crazy fanatic. In true loving fashion, we should instead be celebrating the ones we love every single day and today is simply just a reminder of that.

While I’m sending my love vibes to all of my favorite people around the globe today (including you in Sri Lanka, Natalie!), I am most excited to be loving on the most caring man who makes me laugh more than anyone. Cheers to you, Handsome! (Also, I’m loving on the beagle. He has the cutest and most snuggly beagle.)


Current Obsession: Blouses

I’m going through a blouse phase. I’ll admit that I have an obsession with blouses that complete my work and casual wardrobes. I’ve always been the quintessential jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl, but lately I find myself gravitating toward silky, super feminine tops.

With this current obsession comes wanting to make a few new purchases. I absolutely despise trying on clothes, but with a petite frame, long arms and legs, and a height of 5’4″, I need to try almost everything on to make sure it fits. Let’s just say the usual shopping experience finds me swimming in the regular sizes and the arm length being too short in petites. I can’t win.

Even still, it is so worth it to venture on to fill my closet with my blouse obsession because they are simply irresistible and a never-ending style.