Subway Interiors


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I’ve  touched on this subject before, but I really love subway tile. I love the dimension it brings to a room. Must-have for my future homes.





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Boston Wedding


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Tonight I’m heading to Boston with Handsome for his brother’s wedding this weekend. We’re both really excited to celebrate with his family, but also to have a nice long weekend away from the city. Updates to come, but don’t you just love this first dance shot? I’m smitten with that chandelier. See the link above to more photography from this New York wedding from photographer Benj Haisch.


My friends can attest that I am a complete music junkie. My original thought for a career path was a behind-the-scenes ride toward discovering the next John Mayer. A few music internships later, I ended up shifting my course, but it’s still something I think about quite often.

A girl I went to college with posted this cover on Facebook a few nights back and I’m so glad I decided to have a listen. Performances by the original artist are our baseline; it’s what we know and expect the song to sound like. The artist developed the track that way on purpose. I find it incredibly captivating when another artist strips the song and does something completely different pushing their own musical creativity. I’d have to say that Sara Bareilles hit the nail on the head with this cover of ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay. She’s a rockstar.

PS fun fact: Paul McCartney’s ‘Yesterday’ is the number one covered song of all-time.


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Raspberry Peach Prosecco Punch via Table For Two – The perfect refreshing summer drink.

Working in social media, I’m – unfortunately at times – always neck deep in communities and content. Luckily, being tuned in as part of my job allows my own social networks to thrive in my sharing of knowledge and inspirations – that is when I decide to keep up with them. Here’s a quick collection of my favorite pins of the last week to start off the weekend. XO.

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Dare I say it, Elizabeth might just be my favorite Olson.

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I’d like one of these installed in my apartment. Stat!

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Subway tile in the kitchen is a must.

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I’m SNL and Kristen Wiig obsessed, and this quote is pretty freaking accurate.

Desk Inspo


I’ve been slacking in outfitting my new desk at work. These are a few desks of which I’m envious, but my space will reflect my own personal style and be filled with things that inspire me, which is most important. I have pulled several ideas together to make it my home away from home. I do have exposed brick on one wall of my little desk, so it already has quite a bit of character. A few framed pieces, including this print I purchased from Inslee, and some ads from favorites magazines should make the space a refreshing and homey spot to keep my creativity top of mind.

How have you outfitted your desk to inspire throughout the work day?




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Current Obsession: Flowers Wrapped in Brown Paper



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Girls love getting flowers. If one tells you she doesn’t, she’s lying. The unexpected gift of a floral bouquet is one of life’s most exciting surprises. Why? Because it’s such a thoughtful gesture.

I’ve recently fallen in love with the way simple fresh cut flowers look wrapped in brown paper. It’s a much more natural feel (sans all the mess that occasionally accompanies bouquets) and leaves the opportunity for a love note. Our local Whole Foods sells them this way – Handsome might even find himself with a love note scribbled bouquet of fresh petals!



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