My friends can attest that I am a complete music junkie. My original thought for a career path was a behind-the-scenes ride toward discovering the next John Mayer. A few music internships later, I ended up shifting my course, but it’s still something I think about quite often.

A girl I went to college with posted this cover on Facebook a few nights back and I’m so glad I decided to have a listen. Performances by the original artist are our baseline; it’s what we know and expect the song to sound like. The artist developed the track that way on purpose. I find it incredibly captivating when another artist strips the song and does something completely different pushing their own musical creativity. I’d have to say that Sara Bareilles hit the nail on the head with this cover of ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay.¬†She’s a rockstar.

PS fun fact: Paul McCartney’s ‘Yesterday’ is the number one covered song of all-time.